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Definitely not, body shape is irrelevant – our training is for everyone  and everyone is welcome at Emet Gyms

Absolutely, the first rule in our gym is ‘Do NO harm’. Our coaches are expert at training around injuries and as strength is the foundation of our goals it helps reduce the affect that your injury has on your quality of life

We developed the Emet push up to engage and strengthen the posterior chain. This can help improve posture, breathing and quality of life.

You need enough space to move freely and without hurting yourself by bumping into something. You do not need equipment but we can definitely work with the equipment you have, provided it is safe to do so.

We use the body to train the body, this type of training is called Calisthenics or Bodyweight Training. When done correctly it is a safe and effective way to work the whole body.

We can start training form 4 years old up, provided it is safe for you to do so. Please check with a medical professional.

You can eat right before your session. However, it may affect what you are able to do from a “comfort” point. Please let the coach know you have eaten and they will modify your session where necessary. Listen to your body and if you are not comfortable then rather wait 60 minutes after eating before training.

Our gym is small and we will follow the guidelines for gyms. Our online sessions can cater up to 30 experienced clients. New client sessions are limited to 6 clients.

There is both a cardio and a strength element to our training, the amount of either depends on our clients needs, goals and abilities.

You need to let the coach know ideally before the session or at least at the session before your start and we will work around the injury.

That depends on the package you choose, please refer to the link to our pricing page.

We use body weight and free weight, but we do have Ergs in our gym.

If it is rescheduled within a reasonable time there is no charge. If however you you cancel just before your session, that session will be charged for.

Everything, you will love them!

Our training is about improving the quality of your life, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Of course, dogs too 🙂

None at all. We train all levels from newbie to professional

Absolutely, we encourage that.

Yes, please refer to our pricing

Improved quality of life, more energy, strength and vitality

Absolutely and encouraged 🙂