Emet Gyms



Maximilian F. Kabutz

“Coach Nick is really motivating and a very good trainer. He has constantly been delivering challenging bodyweight workouts and I have seen an overall improvement in both strength and endurance. I have improved in fundamental body movements too. I’ve found new respect for home training as well as been inspired to invest more into my … Read more

Dr Heinz Kabutz

“One of the parenting challenges of COVID-19 is how to help your young adult children from going crazy during the lockdown. Nicholas Ingel from Emet Gyms had the brilliant ideas of doing remote training with Maxi and Connie three times a week. He takes them through interesting body weight exercises that are strengthening their core … Read more

David F

” I am extremely grateful for the ability to carry on my training during this difficult time. The guys doing the training have been absolutely incredible very innovative and professional. Doing online training during lock down has helped me physically and mentally and keep a structure to my day. Thanks Coach and the Team”

Winnette V

“One of the most amazing gyms I have ever had the pleasure of going to!!! Amazing, qualified, friendly, motivated couches that will guide you to meet your goals and excel!!!”

Leah S

“Such a great spirited place to do exercise. Currently doing the Piloxing class and WOW it’s so much fun you don’t even know you doing exercise.”

Jessica I

” Emet gym is unlike any other gym I’ve been to. It strongly promotes a very non-judge mental vibe, where anyone of any age can come train at their own pace. With the outstanding support of the personal trainers, anyone who trains at this gym gets a feeling like they are really cared for. It’s … Read more

Jae E

“My family are all extremely active and fitness and sport are very much a part of our daily lives. With the advent of Covid 19 I was more concerned about lack of exercise then having to home school 3 restless boys. Nick came to the rescue and ran an online training session 4 times a … Read more

Belinda N

“I’ve been doing the Zoom ISO- training thing with Nic for about 6 weeks now. I live in Australia and I get to train online with my dad and brother in South Africa, my sister and her family in Australia and a few awesome extras thrown in here and there (who have become part of our … Read more